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When you have been charged with a crime, there are many things to take care of in a limited amount of time, and the intricacies of the laws and charges can be overwhelming. The Sandy law office of H. Delbert Welker can help you sort through and understand all the details of the laws related to your charges whether you’ve been charged with a DUI, assault, or drug crime. With our expert guidance, you can plan and prepare for all aspects of the judicial process, including plea bargains, hearings, and the actual trial.

You Get Our Full Attention

The Law Office of H. Delbert Welker is a small Sandy firm, allowing us to give each client the full attention you deserve. We offer a free initial consultation and can work with your schedule. We take the time to explain the laws and all your options to you, and we provide solutions to help you meet your objectives. As a dedicated Sandy law office focusing on criminal law you’ll receive upfront honesty, and we’ll present all potential scenarios to you, good or bad, and let you know how things are likely to play out.

The Protection to Which You Are Entitled

Many people who have been charged with a crime simply accept whatever charges are given and don’t realize that the Constitution affords you more protection than you realize. We’ll fight for your rights and work to reduce your charges if you’ve been unfairly overcharged by unscrupulous law enforcement officials.

The Experience You Need

Our Sandy law office has over 30 years of experience in legal proceedings, and we’re truly able to provide you with the expert guidance and representation you need in order to maximize your opportunities. As a Sandy, Utah lawyer we know the ins and outs of the laws and the workings of the judicial system and we’re ready to offer you the best representation possible.

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